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TBN EXPOSED - A Case For The Truth

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From Sylvia Fleener vs. TBN, et al
Deposition of Paul Crouch on behalf of TCCSA
(Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, Inc.)
       1   Q.          Were any searches done by TBN for a book or
       2   manuscript entitled "The Omega Syndrome" prior to the
       3   summer of the year 2000 when this lawsuit was filed?
       4   A.          I was advised by staff that a search was
       5   requested, I believe by Mr. Colby May, our attorney in
       6   Washington.
       7                    MR. RAWLS:  Now, be careful about
       8   saying what Mr. May said, because what Mr. May said is
       9   covered by the attorney-client privilege.  So right now
      10   he's asking you about whether a search was done, not
      11   who told you what to do.
      12                    THE WITNESS:  I didn't personally
      13   speak to Mr. May about it anyway.  But my understanding
      14   was that Mr. May had requested the search and that a
      15   search was conducted by Renee Brewer, the manager of
      16   the facility here, and that after a very lengthy and
      17   diligent search, a manuscript was found.  I am told
      18   that it was found in what we call "Building No. 3,"
      19   which is commonly known as the LaVergne Tripp Studio
      20   Building.  It also houses the offices of the church
      21   resident here at Trinity Music City.  So the manuscript
      22   was found.
      23   BY MR. QUISENBERRY:
      24   Q.          Have you ever seen that manuscript that was
      25   found at that time?

                 NASHVILLE COURT REPORTERS (615) 885-5798

       1                    MR. RAWLS:  In this case, again,
       2   you're using "you" to describe the witness
       3   individually?
       4                    MR. QUISENBERRY:  Correct.
       5                    THE WITNESS:  No.  Paul Crouch did not
       6   see it then, nor has not seen it to this date.
       7   BY MR. QUISENBERRY:
       8   Q.          Was that manuscript contained in any kind
       9   of binder?
      10   A.          I am told that it was not contained in any
      11   kind of binder, that it was simply in a sealed
      12   envelope.  Mrs. Brewer, I'm told, opened the envelope
      13   to reveal its contents, and was subsequently advised to
      14   seal it back up and immediately send it to Mr. Terrance
      15   Hickey in Tustin, California.
      16   Q.          Prior to the summer of the year 2000, was
      17   any search done on the premises of the TBN facilities
      18   in Orange County, California, for any Omega Syndrome

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