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TBN EXPOSED - A Case For The Truth

John Casoria
Brittany Koper
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Sylvia's novel
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Paul Crouch, Sr.
The FBI knows
Jan Crouch
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John Casoria
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Ward vs TBN
Fleener vs TBN (a timeline)
Barton Green
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Mark N. Troobnick

Son of Jan Bethany Crouch's sister, Dorothy Bethany Casoria and affectionately referred and introduced by Jan Crouch as "Johnny Boy".

The Jollee T. Lenhart vs. Sylvia Fleener lawsuit filed in West Virginia, which claimed Sylvia is a LIAR as she misrepresented her home when she sold it to Lenhart, just as Sylvia was pursuing her own lawsuit against TBN.
John Casoria performed service for this suit on Sylvia during depositions in Nashville.   This act alone should be proof of TBN's abuse of process and represents an attack against Sylvia, trying to bury her with this suit, forcing her to spend money in her defense and distract her, all perpetrated and orchestrated by TBN.
For the rest of that story, see Lenhart 

TBN is rolling in money through it's 40-year long flood of donations, it's tax exempt status, and routine insulation of itself against inquiry by waving it's religious banner.
An excerpt from an interview follows
"TBN is a national marketing machine, just because of what we do," Casoria said. "We have the ability, and have, and are doing, a lot of marketing through our television and broadcast facilities."

See also Matthew Crouch's assertion that TBN enjoyed the benefits of "unreported profits" on the Omega Code movie.