Swan Records & Entertainment is proud to announce the latest release of our newly signed artist "Keeli"!

Keeli is an extraordinary and unique singer/songwriter. Her incomparable style puts her somewhere in between Folk, Celtic, alternative and spiritual genres. She is Universal.
 Her new release titled "Keeli" speaks to the need in all of us to listen. To others and to our own inner voices. We travel deep within her heart and soul sharing  an  adventure that is both  seeking and finding answers.
Keeli is a welcome solution to today's listeners who are looking for music they can identify with. Her spirit is infectious. This CD captures the energy and emotion one usually only experiences at a live performance. You can find out more about her and her music by visiting her at www.keeli.com. You can also purchase her music from most major online stores including ITunes, Amazon, emusic, Rhapsody and more.