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TBN EXPOSED - A Case For The Truth

From the Deposition of RESPONDANT Matt Crouch - Excerpt One, pages 84, 85 & 86

Brittany Koper
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Sylvia's novel
Who's Who
Paul Crouch, Sr.
The FBI knows
Jan Crouch
Paul Crouch, Jr.
Matthew Crouch
Gen8 Entertainment
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Kelly Whitmore
Lance Charles
Pearl Jane Duff
Ward vs TBN
Fleener vs TBN (a timeline)
Barton Green
Stephen Blinn
Mark N. Troobnick

Where did the money come from?

CV-00-07471 LGB (BQRX)

           2      Q    BY MR. QUISENBERRY:  During that meeting was the


           3           next step in the efforts to produce this "end times"


           4           project discussed?


           5      A    My father rarely makes it that easy.  He


           6           probably said something to the effect that the board of


           7           directors would meet and contact you concerning the next


           8           steps.


           9      Q    Did you discuss how much money might be needed


          10          to make this movie?


          11      A    You cannot determine the amount of money needed


          12          to make a movie until the script is finished.


          13      Q    Did you tell that to your father?


          14      A    He's been making movies a lot longer than I


          15          have.  I'm sure he knew that already.


          16      Q    So what was the next steps in the production


          17          that were discussed at that meeting?


          18      MR. RAWLS:  Objection, assumes that next steps were


          19          discussed.  Assumes facts not in evidence.


          20      THE WITNESS:  I remember the overall feeling of the


          21          meeting being positive from what he had read.  That's what


          22          I remember about the meeting.


          23      Q    BY MR. QUISENBERRY:  And he said that he was


          24          going to discuss something with the board of directors?


          25      A    It would be standard practice for him to say, "I




           1           will discuss this with the board of directors."


           2      Q    And what was your understanding of what he was


           3           going to discuss with the board of directors at that


           4           point?


           5      MR. RAWLS:  Objection, calls for speculation. 


           6           Assumes facts not in evidence.


           7      MR. COATE:  Join.


           8      THE WITNESS:  Whether he thought that this was a


           9           project that fit the formulas and goals and desire of the


          10          TBN Network. 


          11      Q    BY MR. QUISENBERRY:  Was there any discussion at


          12          that meeting with regard to who that target market for


          13          this movie would be?


          14      MR. RAWLS:  Objection, assumes facts not in evidence


          15          and "target market" is vague and ambiguous.


          16      MR. QUISENBERRY:  Let me restate that and strike it.


          17      Q    Was there any discussion who the target audience


          18          for this movie project would be?


          19      MR. RAWLS:  Objection, assumes facts not in evidence. 


          20          And the phrase "target audience" is vague. 


          21      MR. COATE:  Join.


          22      THE WITNESS:  No.


          23      Q    BY MR. QUISENBERRY:  Was there any discussion


          24          during that first meeting with regard to who might direct


          25          such a movie?




          1      A    I don't recall taking the meeting beyond the


           2           initial positive feeling of what he had read.


           3      Q    What was the next step in the production after


           4           that meeting?


           5      A    The next significant step would have been news


           6           of their desire to fund the script, based upon the


           7           treatment that they had read.


           8      Q    I'm sorry.  You said their decision to fund?


           9      THE WITNESS:  I don't remember what I said.


          10      MR. RAWLS:  He said "their desire to fund."


          11      Q    BY MR. QUISENBERRY:  Oh, their desire to fund. 


          12          When you say, "significant step" were there any other


          13          steps in between that first meeting with your father and


          14          Barton Green, and the news of their decision to fund the


          15          screenplay?


          16      MR. RAWLS:  Objection.  As we said, the news of their


          17          desire to fund a script.


          18      THE WITNESS:  There could have been some phone


          19          conversation that would have led up to the news of their


          20          desire to fund a script.  But I don't recall anything but


          21          the bigger points in relationship to those early stages.


          22      Q    BY MR. QUISENBERRY:  Was there any work done on


          23          the treatment that you know of between that first meeting


          24          with your father and Barton Green and the news of their


          25          desire to fund --




           1      A    No.


           2      Q     -- the screenplay?


           3      A    No.


           4      Q    How did you hear of their desire to fund the


           5           screenplay?


           6      A    I don't recall. A    No.


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