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TBN EXPOSED - A Case For The Truth

TBN (a Totally Bad Neighbor) wants your house... The Saga of the LifeStyles Residential Neighborhood

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Lifestyles is a gated community of private homes adjacent to TCCI, Costa Mesa, California.  Waving the TBN banner and using the deep pockets of the TBN coffers, its founders Paul and Jan Crouch eyeing their neighbor's homes and acting on their covetousness, set out to purchase, pressure, coerce, pester and aggravate the homeowners until they bought enough homes to take control of the neighborhood and command the homeowners association. BY 2012, TBN "OWNS" ALL THE HOMES IN THIS COMMUNITY EXCEPT ONE, AND THAT HOMEOWNER IS UNDER CONTINUOUS PRESSURE TO ALLOW TBN TO ACQUIRE HER HOME.  The Subivision Property Owner List now reads like a "who's-who" of TBN staff and insiders. 
At times the Spokesman and Representative for the NUMEROUS "TBN HOUSES" at homeowners association meetings was Kent Whitmore, alledged former lover of Jan Crouch and still assistant to Paul Crouch, Sr. along with Jan's nephew "Johhny Boy" Casoria.  

TESTIMONY IN WITNESS OF THE BATTLES OF TBN AGAINST LIFESTYLES' HOME OWNERS.  History: Watch here for a continuem infinitem of the numerous battles TBN has had with individual homeowners, the City of Costa Mesa, its Planning and Zoning Boards, its Construction and Use Permit Departments, its City Council, Fire Marshall and Police Departments. 

September 17th, 2008
To: Cosa Mesa Planning Commission,
please give copies to all members of the Planning Commission as well as all members of the City Council.
Regarding: Trinity Broadcasting Network request
My name is D_______ and my husband L_______ purchased a new home at 3___ Encore Court, Costa Mesa, California 92626, in September, 1996.
Our property and home was located along the wall facing TBN's TCCI property parking lot.
From 1996 untill we moved from our home in March of 2002 there will be in your files many letters that I wrote outlining the noise and on-going violations of the Conditional Use Permit that TBN operates under.
Before my husband and I purchased the property I had the City of Costa Mesa provide me with a copy of the Conditional Use Permit that TNB was going to operate under.
Since I was on the volunteer Board of the local PBS station at Golden West College and had some understanding of televisiion operation, I believed based on the Conditional Use Permit that TBN filed with the City, TBN was going to be a good neighbor and a business that I was going to be able to live next to. Based on that information we moved forward with the purchase of our "retirement" homeI was wrong. TBN violated the conditions of the Conditional use permit for the entire eight years that we lived in our home located at 3___ Encore Court.
See City file for the eight years of documentation that I provided regarding TBN's violation of their Conditional use permit from 1996-2004.
My husband and I purchased the home with the intention of it being our last home and our retirement home. I had lived in Costa Mesa since 1971 and my husband since 1981.
When TBN proposed to take down our wall and construct their 22 foot wall and go outside with their operation into their parking lot, I was one of the people who testified at the City Council meeting, this is all on tape for your review.  I am also one of the neighbors, along with the Schofro's and Ito's, who finally had to file a law suit against TBN when they excavated and planted trees up against our property. Their action caused our wall to fail and our landscape to break up. Their trees also hung into our property and eventually grew taller than our two story homes.
That law suit was finally settled with financial burdens to our three families, with no real results.  In March of 2004 My husband and I moved from our home and put 500 miles between us and TBN in the hopes that a geographical move would provide us with some peace and stress relief. We could no longer tolerate the noise and stress and it had begun to affect my health.
We rented our home out from 2004 to 2006 in the hopes that TBN would be closed down due to their non-compliance and we could then return to our home in Costa Mesa.
TBN continued to violate the conditions of their CUP and the neighborhood never was the quiet peaceful place we thought we had purchased and so we could not return to home to Costa Mesa.
In 2006 our renters Mr. and Mrs Pollitt purchased our home. In 2007 TBN purchased the home from the Pollitts and the home has been vacant since that time.
This has been a terrible and sad experience for us. One that I have never recovered from and would not wish on anyone. I purchased the home in good faith and felt that I had done the research needed to find out who my neighbor (TBN) was and how they were going to conduct their business. I wrongly concluded that they would be good neighbors.
I urge you to take the time to read and consider the documentation I have provided the City over the years and review the tapes of the City Council meetings where my husband and I testified.  My hope is that the City of Costa Mesa will finally be able to stand up to TBN, who I feel is a Corporate Bully and remove their Conditional Use Permit and close their Costa Mesa Operation located on Bear Street. I believe that the twelve years that TBN has violated their CUP should be enough for the City to finally take the appropriate action and do the right thing and shut them down once and for all!

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