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TBN EXPOSED - A Case For The Truth

Kelly Whitmore

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Personal assistant to Jan Crouch during Jan's tenure at Hendersonville, Tennessee

Sylvia Fleener met Kelly Whitmore in August, 2000, sometime after Sylvia was initially deposed in California.  She had a lot to say about what goes on behind the scenes at TBN.  In her six years as Jan's assistant, her credibility is impeccable.  In taped interviews both before and after her deposition Ms. Whitmore spoke of the fear she had because she had seen so much while at TBN, things they did to intimidate dissenters. 
As evidence in the Sylvia Fleener vs TBN, et al, she filed a Declaration as Plaintiff's Witness which you may read in it's entirity
Kelly Whitmore's deposition followed Jan Crouch's. She testified that she was Jan's personal assistant through the transition or move from the Dallas, Texas area to Hendersonville, Tennessee. Her testimony included carrying Sylvia's manuscript around for more than a year at Jan's instruction "As this is our next project, an end-times movie".

Kelly confessed to hating the prospect of working on such a large project, as the manuscript of The Omega Syndrome was near 3" thick.  The TBN attorneys skipped over this pretty quickly, and were more interested in when and how Sylvia and Kelly became acquainted, just "how friendly" had they become. What might Sylvia have promised Kelly for her testimony and what might Kelly have given to Sylvia.

Kelly suffered through a day and a half of grilling over just what she gave to Sylvia. The things she testified to were her "day-timer" with addresses and telephone numbers and a record of some credit card numbers for TBN credit cards issued for her to use for transactions while at TBN, some miscellaneous receipts from some of those transactions, handwritten notes to Kelly from Jan Crouch, etc.  Those notes indicated Kelly's true value to Jan.
Only a "housekeeper" from Jan Crouch Deposition Issued a TBN credit card?

Ms. Whitmore attached a scorching testimonial to her certification of her deposition, which follows in it;s entirity:

"To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing this letter in response to my deposition held on the 17th and 18th of January, 2001 at the Holiday Inn in Hendersonville, Tennessee. I choose not to change anything in my deposition, but would like to state that during my deposition I was subjected to cruel harassment and badgering by the Attorneys for Trinity Broadcasting Network that was totally uncalled for. I am a third party witness in this case and I volunteered my time to do this deposition. I was appalled that the Trinity Broadcasting Network Attorneys were allowed to conduct a deposition in this manner. Under these conditions I answered the questions at the time to the best of my ability."
Production tapes of Christmas and Easter pageants performed in Hendersonville under the direction of Jan Crouch further emphasises Kelly's value to Jan as a reliable and competent employee.  At the end of one performance, when Jan is taking her bows, she is seen dragging a reluctant Kelly from backstage and introducing her to the audience with "She worked on costumes and solved problems... My right arm... I couldn't have done it without her".

In her second deposition, [at which John Casoria served Fleener Legal Notice of a lawsuit filed in West Virgionia (Lenhart vs Fleeners)] Mrs. Fleener was grilled about what information and documents she acquired from Kelly Whitmore. What investigation had she conducted, who had she interviewed, and what did she intend to do with the information she had discovered. A few really stupid questions came from John Casoria, Jan & Paul's personal attorney: "Did it ever occur to you to talk to people currently WITH TBN?" Answer: "We tried and have testified to those attempts." And "Did it ever occur to you to bring this action before Christian arbitrators instead of using the secular courts?" Answer "Who do you trust?"

Another subject in the deposition dealt with the credibility of Kelly Whitmore as a witness. "What did Ms. Whitmore tell you were the reasons she left TBN?" Answer: "She told me that one of the reasons, "the straw that broke the camel's back", was when she found her husband, Kent Whitmore, in a very comproming situation, near naked, in the wet bar of Jan's condo with two other scantilly clad women and in the embrace of Jan Crouch, she'd had enough."

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