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TBN EXPOSED - A Case For The Truth

Janice Bethany Crouch

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Janice Wendell (Bethany) Crouch was deposed in Hendersonville, TN on January 15 & 16, 2001.  Re-capped and excerpted below. 


The deposition of Jan Crouch was, for her convenience, re-scheduled twice but finally conducted January 15th & 16th, 2001. When questioned about her involvement in TBN, she acknowledged she is a Director but does not know what that means exactly. Nor who else is or may be a director. She also said "I always was and still am just" the Program Director for the network and as such does sometimes do original work.  "You know, produce shows and find new stuff". She asserted she had never seen the manuscript of The Omega Syndrome and had never heard of Sylvia Fleener, until she was told about her pending deposition and was handed the Declaration of Kelly Whitmore to read in preparation for it. Further she said "she did not even know about the lawsuit" until told in early December that she would be deposed. Was she kept in the dark for six months? Is she a mushroom?

A "surprise" question directed to her by Quisenberry concerning her use of an alias, "Do you know the name Beth Dell?"... got a shocked look, a pause, then a meek "Yes". Her attorney/nephew John Casoria said for the record "She won't be using it anymore!"
Though she told that TBN has more than 400 employees, she "DID NOT have, NEVER DID have, the AUTHORITY to instruct, supervise, hire or fire any employees at TBN. So she never did". She further added that "Kelly Whitmore was just a housekeeper, probably hired by one of the property managers, I guess, and was never, to my knowledge, promoted, nor her title and responsibilities changed to anything else".

Paul Crouch attended this deposition and broke in NUMEROUS times with requests to go "off the record". Breaks were allowed and they left the room "en masse" to resume the deposition after the break. One significant event, when Sylvia's manuscript was first placed in front of Mrs. Crouch.  She was emotionally moved, she almost broke down, tears welled in her eyes as she turned toward Mr. Casoria and mumbled. [Read the except for yourself] John sensing disaster, raised his voice to override her, and they took another break. The court reporter got part of her response, i.e. her utterance (almost a whisper) of "John, I've got to, I have to..."  Casoria's interruption was very loud, almost shouting "NO! JUST A MINUTE. You don't, we're taking a break." We took this to be an admission of guilt and the balance of her testimony thereafter was lies.  They had left the room, returning after twenty minutes and from then on Mrs. Crouch, now having likely been scolded soundly, had collected her composure,  she seemed downcast but denied almost everything she was asked, answering with a "NO" or "absolutely not!".
[Mr. Fleener's notes indicate that after that break, John Casoria sat over his client with his hand literally in front of her face during the balance of her testimony]

Jan Crouch and "Smile of a Child" with money from TBN and it's donors squanders millions in Haiti.