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TBN EXPOSED - A Case For The Truth

Only God: from the Deposition of Paul Crouch, Sr.

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He was Deposed Individually and for TCCSA (TBN)

From Sylvia Fleener vs TBN, et al
Individual Deposition of Paul Crouch, Sr.
      23   Q.          Does TBN issue annual reports to any
      24   members?
      25   A.          Yes.  In the -- in an issue of our monthly

                 NASHVILLE COURT REPORTERS (615) 885-5798

       1   newsletter, I typically put an abbreviated pie chart,
       2   financial report, showing gross income, and then
       3   allocating on the pie chart what percentage was spent
       4   for operating expenses, building new stations,
       5   satellite costs, foreign missions projects, payroll,
       6   et cetera, et cetera.
       7   Q.          And would that issue normally be in January
       8   of each year?
       9   A.          No.  It could honestly be most any month.
      10   Q.          Is this sort of annual report something
      11   that has been done every year for the past ten years?
      12   A.          Most every year.  They have, on a year or
      13   two, just overlooked it or forgotten it, but
      14   practically every year.
      15   Q.          Do you have copies of those reports?
      16   A.          Not personally today, but they would be in
      17   the corporate records.
      18   Q.          Was there any person or body of persons at
      19   TBN who could overrule your decisions with regard to
      20   the management and control of TBN?
      21                    MR. RAWLS:  Now, again, this time when
      22   you're using the term "your," you're referring to Paul
      23   Crouch individually?
      24                    MR. QUISENBERRY:  Correct.  Well, I'm
      25   referring to TBN and him as the president.  Was there

                 NASHVILLE COURT REPORTERS (615) 885-5798

       1   anyone who could overrule his decisions?
       2                    THE WITNESS:  Yes.
       3   BY MR. QUISENBERRY:
       4   Q.          Who?
       5   A.          A majority of the board of directors.
       6   Q.          Was there any other person or body of
       7   persons who could overrule your decisions?  
       8                    MR. RAWLS:  His decisions as president
       9   of Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana, Inc.?
      10                    MR. QUISENBERRY:  Correct.
      11                    THE WITNESS:  Only God.
      12   BY MR. QUISENBERRY:
      13   Q.          Were any of your decisions overruled by the
      14   board of directors of TBN during the last three years?
      15   A.          I can't think of any.

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