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TBN EXPOSED - A Case For The Truth

The Money is all in ONE POT
Brittany Koper
Brittany Koper - Update
Sylvia's novel
Who's Who
Paul Crouch, Sr.
The FBI knows
Jan Crouch
Paul Crouch, Jr.
Matthew Crouch
Gen8 Entertainment
John Casoria
Kelly Whitmore
Lance Charles
Pearl Jane Duff
Ward vs TBN
Fleener vs TBN (a timeline)
Barton Green
Stephen Blinn
Mark N. Troobnick

Here is how We handle the money...

        9   Q.          Does Trinity Christian Center own any
      10   interest in Gener8xion Entertainment, Inc.?
      11   A.          No.
      12   Q.          Does it own any interest in a property in
      13   Los Angeles County which was formerly the Hanna-Barbera
      14   Studios?
      15   A.          No.
      16   Q.          Does Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana,
      17   Inc. own any interest in the Church Channel?
      18                    MR. RAWLS:  Object.  "Own any
      19   interest" is vague and ambiguous, and it's beyond the
      20   scope.  You can answer personally.
      21                    THE WITNESS:  Yes.  It owns it
      22   completely.
      23   BY MR. QUISENBERRY:
      24   Q.          Does Trinity Christian Center of Santa Ana,
      25   Inc. own the television station which would broadcast

                 NASHVILLE COURT REPORTERS (615) 885-5798

       1   in Los Angeles County, California?
       2   A.          Yes.
       3   Q.          When someone sends a contribution to TBN
       4   based upon a request during a TBN show in Los Angeles,
       5   California, where does that check go?
       6   A.          To the office in Tustin, California.  But
       7   the post office box in actually Santa Ana.
       8   Q.          If somebody were to be watching TBN on any
       9   station in the United States and they send in a
      10   contribution to TBN based upon the address that was
      11   given there, would they all send it to the same
      12   address?
      13                    MR. RAWLS:  Objection.  It's compound
      14   and it's an improper hypothetical question. 
      15                    MR. CASORIA:  Join.
      16                    THE WITNESS:  All contributions come
      17   to the Santa Ana post office box and are accounted for
      18   at the Tustin business office.
      19   BY MR. QUISENBERRY:
      20   Q.          And do those contributions all go in the
      21   same bank account?
      22   A.          Yes.
      23   Q.          Where is that bank account held?
      24   A.          Long Beach, California.
      25   Q.          Which bank?

                 NASHVILLE COURT REPORTERS (615) 885-5798

       1   A.          The Farmers & Merchants Bank.