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TBN EXPOSED - A Case For The Truth

Kelly Whitmore intimidated by TBN
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Sylvia Fleener and Daniel Quisenberry (Sylvia's attorney) discuss Kelly's Deposition performance and subsequent events in Kelly's life.

In e_mail Sylvia writes:
We just got back from our weekend trip to Irving (Texas).  Met some interesting people with things to tell about TBN.  More about that latter.
Seems a real threat has shaped up against KELLY.  Remember when we were breaking up following Kelly;s deposition and we were told that Rocky Rawls (TBN attorney) had to leave to get back to California?
That turns out to be not the case. He left the hotel (Hendersonville site of deposition) but went straight to TBN headquarters at Trinity Music City, met with Paul Crouch and Kent Whitmore (Kelly's former husband and still [2008] in TBN employ), together Rocky and Paul grilled Kent for more than 3 hours over what did she know, was she likely to tell and what could they do about it?  They must do whatever it takes to keep her testimony out of the record.  It lasted so long and was so intense, Kent was shook up enough to react in the following manner: 
Within a few days, Kent called their married son (Jason) in Dallas and told him that he (Kent), in fear of TBN reprisals, but not knowing just what TBN was going to do, had executed documents putting all his personal assets in Jason's name.  That he was afraid that Kelly was really going to pull the plug on Jan Crouch, and that the repercussions against Kelly, and himself if he could not stop her, were very serious.  TBN could handle the lawsuit but they have to find a way to control Kelly.  He took that as a serious threat, told his son to be very careful.
Jason called his mother, concerned about Kent, reported he was crying and very scared.  Wanted to know if his mother was all right and what was going on that could make his father behave this way?
A week later he called his mother again.  Seems TBN had arranged a cruise for Jason and his wife, the group to include Jason's in-laws, but with no provision for the new baby.  Could she (Kelly) come and stay there, keeping the baby while they took up the offer for the cruise?  When Kelly learned the Crouches and their following of groupies (including Kent and Danny York, Jan's bodyguard who had previously threatend Kelly) were to arrive in Dallas on the date of the cruise departure, she arranged to secretly go to Dallas, pick up the baby and return to Nashville before that date, choosing not to be alone in Dallas for the week they would be gone..

Danny in e-mail responds:
It seems that a real danger is that they can use what she did not say in her deposition as evidence of clear bias against TBN.  Of course they never asked her any direct questions about why her marriage broke up, or about any specific problems in their marriage.  But it will be hard for a jury to believe that Kelly was not "out to get" TBN after that information comes out at trial. In order to avoid such problems, Kent will probably say that Kelly accused his of misbehavior, but it was not true.  Kelly must have proof that it happened at this point, unless one of the other persons present would testify.  Because of this, and because they likely understand the Kelly will probably not open up such a can of worms based on her deposition testimony, they may now perceive her to be a serious threat.
While we have Kelly on tape testifying to those (irrelevent to our case) activities, if anything were to happen to her, the TBN defendants and their gorillas would be the number one suspects, and the prosecutors would have those tapes immediately.  As in the O.J. Simpson civil case those tapes should be admissable to show motive, and the state of mind of Kelly.  It would not be good publicity even if they were only investigated for conspiracy to physically harm a witness against them.  Shows such as 60 Minutes would jump at something like that.  If you get any firm evidence of such a conspiracy, or Kelly should be harmed in ANY way, have a package ready to go to law enforcement, the feds, and every news magazine.